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Crosman Pellgunoil
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Part #: 0241
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Crosman Pellgunoil


Pellgun Lubricating oil prevents your airguns from rusting and the seals from drying out


See operating info For CO2 & multi-pump pneumatic guns

 Put a drop on the tip of every third 12-gram or 88-gram CO2 cartridge before inserting it.

 Frequently apply a drop of Pellgunoil to the pump head of a multi-pump pneumatic gun.

 Read operating instructions in your manual before using.


Do NOT use in precharged pneumatic (PCP) airguns!

 Pellgunoil is NOT safe for use in guns that use high-pressure air

 Using Pellgunoil in a PCP could be explosive and may result in serious injury or death.

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by Siqi Bassman
on 2/20/2010
could be cheaper
I couldn't find much difference between it and a bottle of bike oil. it don't have to be cheaper cuz it already is. 
by Henry
on 1/19/2010
You Need This Oil if You Have A CO2 Pellet Gun
You need this oil to keep the seals in your gun from drying out. If you don't use it, your gun will prematurely breakdown and need new seals. Use this oil to keep all your CO2 guns in top operating condition. Do not use regulaer gun oil in your CO2 guns because they have petroleum distillates that can damage the same seals. Crosman Pellgunoil is the only oil to use.
by Julissa
on 1/18/2010
keeps my pistol goon and running in good condition.
by john
on 1/13/2010
crosman pellgunoil
Excellent product...a little drop on every third co2
will keep you shooting accurately and at the higher reaches of velocity...keeps seals lubricated and creates a consistant air seal...everyone should get
some...the benefits are well worth the cost

by Amour
on 11/14/2009
Does everything it's supposed to do.
Crosman really knows what they're doing. I mean, you gotta hand it to them. 

I bought this for a brand new 1377 that I ordered with it and an old CO2 Crosman 1008 that was leaking considerably.

I followed the instructions and put a drop of it on the tip of a powerlet and little by little the leaking faded away and my 1008 started roaring like it used to some years ago.. BROUGHT IT BACK TO LIFE! 

A great product, hands down. And for that price I wish I had ordered 3 more. Well I'll deffinitely order a couple more with my next order, actually.

Also I'd like to say that I'm very impressed with their customer support is really nice and I had all my questions addressed within a few hours, even during the weekend. I just wish they carried more accesories, like the Crosman 1399 shoulder stock, which I had to buy from another store that wasn't as nice as these guys. 

This is a great store nevertheless.
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